WordPress CMS

Long ago, WordPress was perhaps the most simple to use “Content Management System” (CMS). For the novice, one would need virtually no training to set up a site with a nice template, post their information and get traffic to their site.

Ok…maybe not “that” long ago.

Today, WordPress alone is still simple. But, if you are like most, you are planning much more than 3 to 5 blog pages or static (content that doesn’t change) pages. WordPress suddenly turns into a much more complicated project and without proper training, you may never get everything functioning correctly.

Because you are here at T.A. Garrison, LLC (formerly L.T. Creations, LLC), that’s an indication that you are planning to do more than just have a few pages in your Web site project. That said, you are in the right spot.

One of the most recent projects of 2017, T.A. Garrison, LLC was hired to repair and update a site that had not been updated in more than 2 years, and had significant issues both with functionality as well as display. The site has more than 550 products – what is considered a pretty large project due to the number of “plugins” that were necessary to make the site function as the owner desired.

Today, that same site is completely updated, functionality is at 100%, and the company has added hundreds of additional products to the site – thanks to T.A. Garrison, LLC. The site now handles wholesale as well as retail customers (showing only the appropriate price to users), has hidden information depending on who is logged in to the site, and has allowed the company to move forward as they have wanted for many years – but couldn’t.

In addition to the functionality of the site, T.A. Garrison, LLC also provides the SEO. This is an “on-going” process due to the nature of the project. The company now has several key products on the first page of the search engine results.

If you have a simple site, like the one where you are reading this information, you only need to find a nice template then write whatever you wish to share with your users.

If you are considering an E-commerce Web site – one that allows retail customers as well as wholesale (or other type) customers to log in and see only pricing appropriate to the specific user – you’re going to need (roughly) 20 plugins. This is also true for sites that require memberships or anything where the project is more than a blog or a few pages of static text.

BEWARE!!! Not all WordPress plugins work well together. Unless the plugins have been tested together, there is no way to know if your site will function properly. It’s imperative to review the plugin(s) first, then install, test thoroughly, check error logs on the server and review many aspects of a site that most people are not trained to understand.

In the aforementioned E-commerce project, it took 2 months to go through all of the plugins to not only update them, but remove those that could not be updated and find “good” replacements that “match” the plugins already in the site.

Do not be fooled by a plugin that has a price of more than $180.00 (US). The price does not mean it’s going to work with your project. Some free plugins work better than those expensive plugins. That E-commerce project had expensive software responsible for crashing the site several times weekly. Once it was determined that software was causing the issue, it was removed and replaced with software that was less than 1/4 the price.

T.A. Garrison, LLC is here to advise, consult, assist or take complete control of your project to complete the project in a timely manner and be fully functional – for “all” devices. Before you begin your project, and before you spend time and money on your Web site, please use the “Get In Touch” contact form. Even just a little time can save you a great deal of cash and stress.